Sustainable Travel Destinations

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By Judy T.

Everyone can agree that supporting travel and the eco-tourism industry has many benefits; it supports local businesses, positively impacts our general well-being, and reduces global warming. But is a sustainable vacation a dull vacation?

Eco and luxury don’t have to juxtapose each other. You can have a comfortable and elegant vacation while doing your bit for the environment; being environmentally conscious does not have to take the fun out of your much-deserved break. Sustainable travel destinations have been burgeoning more popular over the last few years. These are some dynamic destinations you should consider for your eco-friendly getaway.

Travel Destination #1 – Copal Tree Lodge, Punta Gorda, Belize

If you are looking for a hands-on learning experience that teaches you the ins and outs of sustainable living, look no further. Copal Tree Lodge offers a unique learning experience surrounding the production of indigenous produce, coffee, and chocolate. It’s the perfect opportunity to fully immerse yourself in a sustainable way of life which will help improve your awareness of how important it is to consider the environment in all you do. Leaving a lasting impact on how your view sustainability. Copal Tree Lodge is all about locally grown produce, so much so that 70% of the food served at the lodge is produced on the beautiful 3000-acre USDA-certified organic farm that is Copal Tree Lodge.

Copal Tree Lodge proves you don’t need to take any complicated steps to reduce the impact created by your decisions on the world around you. It’s all about simplicity. They plant thousands of trees annually through the agroforestry program that truly allows for a natural and relaxing environment where you can enjoy being at one with nature under the magical canopy of trees.

Travel Destination #2 -Six Senses, Fiji

An intricate fusion between traditional and modern approaches: Six Senses has thoroughly strategized how to make a difference, and they succeed in creating a remarkable, serene, and heart-warming atmosphere. Six Senses has one of the largest solar power setups in the southern hemisphere, and they get involved with the local community to ensure that their ethos and enthusiasm for the environment spreads further than just their site.

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You simply can’t miss their iguana conservation work and initiatives. The resort is home to critically endangered crested iguanas, which have successfully reproduced in their untouched natural environment to more than double the population size within the resort. Just that alone tells you why you should make this your sustainable vacation spot; it embodies what you should be looking for: considerate change for the better.

Travel Destination #3 -Soneva Fushi, Maldives

Bold and authentic perfectly embody Sovena Fushi; they have a one-of-a-kind take on sustainability and do things a little bit differently. They pride themselves on being a fully carbon-neutral establishment and recycle 90% of waste. Soneva Fushi is also at the center of extensive coral rehabilitation programs within the region to help restore biodiversity and protect the gorgeous carbon stores that have been harmed significantly by climate change and ocean acidification.

Soneva Fushi is perfect for artsy people who will have the chance to experience the on-site glass studio on offer, which features art composed of stuff that would be thrown away otherwise. Who would have thought of making something beautiful and delicate out of what is, when it comes down to it, just trash? This kind of magic can’t be emulated: it’s eclectic and unusual.

Travel Destination #4 -MahaRaja Eco Dive Lodge, Raja Ampat, Indonesia

MahaRaja takes a minimalist approach to sustainability and is truly one of the most genuinely eco-friendly resorts in the world, combining nurture, nature, and culture to provide a breath-taking experience. Truly one of the best destinations to see aquatic life, MahaRaja won’t leave you disappointed; after all, reconnecting with the natural world around you is one of the main reasons you’re probably looking for an eco-friendly destination.

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Sharks, stingrays, and octopuses, you can see it all, but in a considerate and environmentally sensitive way. Sustainability is nothing new to Indonesia; they see preserving the oceans as imperative and aim to cut marine plastic leakage by 70% by 2025. Fishing is banned in the area surrounding the lodge to allow for coral healing, and the resort has a dive shop, which sells electric-motorized boats that are perfect for reducing noise pollution in the ocean whilst providing you with fun activities during your stay.

Sustainable vacations are eye-opening and considerably change your perspective on life while providing you with a harmonizing, joyful experience. Whether you’re looking for a trip that is simple and traditional or extravagant and innovative, there’s an eco-friendly destination for you.