Surviving Office Politics


Office politics happen whether you like it or not. People can’t resist telling other people about how they view the world and the current political climate. When you are getting some coffee, Joe might want to come over and explain how Hawaii uses slave labor for that coffee to be in your hand. Or Karen, the CEO of the company, wanting to talk about how inflation is ruining her bottom dollar.

But unfortunately, in today’s climate office politics can predict your future success and where you might end up. But in todays post, I’m going to show you how to survive office politics and to have an open mind!

  1. Agree with everyone and anyone.
    1. Agreeing with someone let’s their guard down and it shows them that you’re listening and that you agree with them. Agreeing is a typical sales tactic as well. Joe “Jordan have you heard that the current migrants are taking our jobs?”, Me, “Of course, and I can’t believe it!” Another example, Karen, “Jordan, I feel like we need to hire more migrants because they do better work” Jordan, “I couldn’t tell you how much I agree with you Karen!” See that simple!
  2. Always be professional
    1. When listening to someone’s politics it is very important to understand if anyone is crossing boundaries and to report it to HR. Now listen, you don’t have to agree with what everyone says but if they cross a boundary, it is very important that, that gets reported. There is no room for racism, sexism, and bigotry.
  3. Embrace the politics
    1. When you understand the culture and how to navigate the environment, why not embrace the politics? Embracing politics could build relationships and help you up the ladder if politics plays a huge role at your company. It also lets you explain your side of the story, whether it’s correct or not. So, why not embrace it?

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