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Over the decades, we’ve seen huge innovations in computer-mouse design. What started as a clunky rectangle has become an array of ergonomic, efficient, downright fun input devices. From trackballs on top to tiny mice that slip over one finger, there’s an input device for everyone. Introducing the Logitech MX Wireless Mouse!

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Logitech, as usual, is in the mix with its MX Vertical Advanced Wireless Mouse: a strange-looking mouse that offers comfort and customization at a great price.


Vertical mice are designed to keep your mouse hand, all the way up to your shoulder, in the “neutral” or “handshake” position. By turning your hand so that your thumb is pointing upward as if you are going in for a handshake, you’re putting your arm in a comfortable, ergonomic position.

Position of the mouse

This position is also more efficient; Logitech advertises up to four times reduced hand movement [1]. If you have strain-related woes, this change may offer some relief and minimize future flare-ups. For the retail price tag of $99.99, this is an inexpensive experiment.

Out of the box

Out of the box, you get the optical mouse, a charging cable (Logitech has adopted the USB-C standard), the Logitech Unifying receiver for pairing with your device, and instructions. A large, oval button on top of the mouse draws the eye. That’s a switch to quickly switch between two cursor speeds.

Both standard and programmable buttons are easy to reach. The Vertical includes a scroll wheel, the usual left- and right-click buttons, and programmable buttons you can hit with your thumb.


The downside is that you need Logi’s Options+ software to configure the programmable buttons. If you’re planning to use this mouse on an employer’s computer, you may not have sufficient privileges to make those changes. Unlike Logitech more traditional wireless mice, the MX does not take AA or AAA batteries. The charging port is thoughtfully placed on the side of the mouse. Even if you forget to charge the device, you can plug it in and keep rolling – no need to turn the mouse upside down to plug it in.

The major downside to the Vertical is that it’s designed to be used with the right hand. Unlike more traditional mice, simply swapping the mouse buttons in your operating system’s options won’t be useful. The grip is not going to work with the left hand.

The other downside is that the Vertical is designed for medium or large hands. For smaller hands, the Vertical is just too large to be comfortable.


For pairing, you can use the Unifying receiver, Bluetooth, or the USB-C cable. This maximizes the number of compatible devices and gives you flexibility. (If you’re traveling with a laptop and forgot to pack a USB hub, you can free up a precious USB port by using Bluetooth, for example.)

Pro tip

Pro tip: if you have multiple unifying receivers, download Logitech unifying software from their website. Use this utility to pair multiple input devices with one receiver, freeing up USB ports. This is also handy if you lose one receiver and need to re-map the associated device to keep using it.

For comfort, the Vertical is covered with a textured material. This also gives your hand a solid grasp on the mouse body, keeping you in control and negating the slick-hand woes you may experience with some mice.

Logitech, though, has one solution for both woes: the Lift. This vertical mouse is smaller and comes in a left-hand version, so everyone (save maybe the ambidextrous) can access Logi’s ergonomic solution.


Overall, the Vertical is a solid entry in the vertical-mouse category. Other brands may cost less, but Logi’s tendencies toward durable design and user comfort went into this model. If you’re an all-day computer user in need of a more-comfortable input device, this should be one of the first options you check out.

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