Local Breweries Struggle as Global Beer Supply Chain Falters

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By Jordan Martinez

Craft breweries across the globe are facing a tough time as they grapple with the ongoing disruptions in the global beer supply chain. These disruptions have caused significant challenges for small and independent brewers who rely on aluminum cans for packaging and distributing their products.

Aluminum Can Shortages

The primary issue affecting the beer industry is the shortage of aluminum cans. This scarcity is causing delays and disruptions in production, packaging, and distribution of beer, particularly impacting the smaller, local breweries. The pandemic-induced shift in consumption patterns, with more people opting to drink at home, has led to an increased demand for canned beverages, exacerbating the problem.

Rising Costs

In addition to the aluminum can shortages, breweries are also dealing with increased costs for raw materials, transportation, and labor. These rising expenses are forcing craft breweries to make tough decisions, such as raising prices or limiting production, which in turn may affect their competitiveness in the market.

COVID-19 Pandemic Complications

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated the situation for craft breweries. Social distancing and lockdown measures have significantly reduced on-premise consumption of beer at bars, restaurants, and pubs. This decline in demand, coupled with supply chain disruptions and increased costs, has placed additional financial strain on local breweries.

Future Outlook

The global beer industry’s recovery will largely depend on the resolution of supply chain issues and the pandemic’s trajectory. In the meantime, craft breweries must adapt to the challenging market conditions and explore innovative solutions to keep their businesses afloat.

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