My Personal Story with Mental Illness. 

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By Jordan Martinez

Mental health follows us where ever we go. It impacts every area of our life whether we like it or not. The difference from a person being happy and a person being miserable has to do with their mental health.

Not taking care of this important aspect of our life is like being on a roller coaster without a seat belt – you know stuff is about to hit the fan. But maintaining your insanity and having positive mental health and image improves life, anxiety, and self-esteem. It’s very important and will always be at the center of human existence.

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So, what about me and my mental health?

This story is very personal to me. Mental health/illness is and will always be at the forefront of my life. I suffer (suffers not an appropriate word but it does fit…) from Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, and ADD, I’m also on the Autism Spectrum. I love telling people, “I’m just loads of fun” and I do mean that. But in all seriousness sometimes there are major obstacles in disclosing this to anyone causing stigma around the subject. It could hurt your image, people will judge your capabilities, and you will doubt yourself but I want to take a shot at this and see how it goes and bring awareness to the subject matter.

First off, you are probably asking, “how the hell do I live?” Well, from the outside, you would probably think I am living just fine, but on the inside, it is constant turmoil or overwhelming joy due to my bipolar and schizophrenia.

How I live is complicated, trying to get up and look forward to the day can, and most of the time, be difficult because I know I will face that constant turmoil. What I’ve noticed is that just giving yourself any reason to wake up (any motivation at all) helps tremendously. If you can’t find that, that’s totally okay. Most of my life has been me not having that motivation but it is crucialw.

Then throughout the day I just try and stay busy to keep my voices at bay. Let me be clear, this post is not about me trying to make you feel sorry for me but for you to understand and hopefully learn. 

How do I cope? 

Coping mechanisms does sound like therapy rubbish so I like to call these mechanisms, just life. These so-called mechanisms are just ways of you understanding yourself and how to dig yourself out of a rut if that is where you are, or just simply put its life!

I have also learned that therapy will and will always be at the forefront for me and in my life. It is a shoulder to cry on, a listening buddy, and your best friend.

Letting go of what is inside feels so damn good. It could be embarrassing at times but so relieving. The stigma around therapy is less than what it was pre-2020 but it is still there. If you do need therapy is worthy.

They accept most major insurances in which their competitor betterhelp does not, and it is the same care. So, please check it out from one crazy to another. 

I also journal daily. The journal I usually use is simple and not expensive and they last for quite a while. Journals are great especially if you are scared of expressing yourself to someone else, it lets you release your thoughts on paper and let you reflect.

I’ve noticed a lot of time when I’m journaling the thoughts that where being intrusive at the time are not a big deal than what I was making it out to be. So, Journal.!

How to address mental illness.

Mental illness is a pretty serious topic but it doesn’t have to be. If you know someone you love dealing with mental illness let them know that you care and everything is going to be okay! Seek out the necessary resources to help and follow up- it’s hard to get anything done when you’re dealing with some type of illness so follow up!

Thank you guys for reading. I do plan on rolling out some more posts on mental health. Stay tuned and visit –

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