All Drug Legalization?

When talking about drugs and their effects on human society, it’s mostly negative. Some grassroots organizations and University testing are setting the groundwork for some drug legalization. For instance, psilocybin mushrooms (psychoactive) are growing in popularity with people with certain medical conditions.

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But the actual facts are that if all drugs were governmentally controlled, there would be fewer deaths, fewer overdoses, and a happier country. Let’s talk about it.

Government laying the groundwork

In the past, government intervention in fighting and controlling substances has laid the groundwork for the legality of certain substances. Starting in 1919, when the alcohol prohibition started, banning all alcohol. Alcohol is now state-controlled.

The Controlled Substances Act is a statute that regulates certain substances, including heroin, LSD, cannabis, ecstasy, meth, and peyote. There is a strong debate about some of these staying as a Schedule 1 narcotics, for example, meth and heroin. But there is strong debate about drug legalization for hallucinogenics.  

I’m not for meth and heroin running rampant in our streets, but I think, in my opinion, having these substances governmentally controlled and distributed would positively impact our society—less crime, violence, and corruption.

If the government controls and regulates these substances, there would be less taxpayer money flowing into futile efforts to stop the flow of narcotics. We than can focus that spending on educating our society on the potential benefits and the likely harmful effects as well.   


Regarding regulation, we can easily see the potential outcomes if we just look at how our prescription drugs are regulated, with each new drug going through trials and ultimately being approved by the FDA for consumption.

One common misconception is once all these narcotics get regulated, wouldn’t consumption rise exponentially? To that, I would say it’s society’s choice. Like alcohol and cigarettes, we all know the side effects and how it’s killing us slowly, but at the end of the day, it’s our choice.

We should also note that not all drug users are criminals. The criminalization of drugs makes drug users criminals. In doing this, our justice system is flooded with non-violent offenders filling our jails and prisons, for what? I’m guessing that there’s massive amount of money to be made in our justice system. But that’s for another time.

But can’t you see it, a picture-perfect world; where we have a choice in all of our consumption decisions, and there would be no severe consequences? That I would love.

The benefits of some of these drugs

Let’s start with the elephant in the room, hallucinogenics. Drug legalization for Magic mushrooms (Psilocybin) and LSD. When it comes to shrooms, they can address specific types of conditions that shouldn’t be ignored. When it comes to addiction, associate director for the Center for Psychedelics & Consciousness Research found that” 80% of participants who underwent psilocybin therapy quit smoking, and 60% of them were abstinent 16 months later.” In addition, Psilocybin has been linked to treating depression, anxiety, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Disorder).

When it comes to the use of LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) they found it has almost the same healing properties as shrooms. A fun fact is LSD has no withdrawal period, and after a single dose, your physical and mental stability quickly recovers.

According to the Frontiers in Psychiatry, “it was observed that LSD together with suitable accompaniment during its administration, could reduce pain, anxiety and depression in patients with advanced cancer (5355) Other studies involving larger patient samples also established its safety and promising results in patients with terminal cancer.”


When the discussions start coming to fruition about all drugs being legalized, we all have to know that several variables could affect the outcome. That’s just something we must address in that moment. But there are promising signs, with most states legalizing marijuana and the positive results for the people and the local economy. We must wait and see, but I hope it happens in my lifetime!

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