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By Jordan Martinez

Life is about connecting with yourself, nature, and other living things. The connection we have with people, the trees, the oceans, animals, and the air we breathe, is what life is all about. But unfortunately, life is too complicated to just sum up in one cliche sentence. 

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Unfortunately, we fall victim to the day-to-day busyness of our lives without smelling the roses and staying connected. Life is too important to fall victim to this busyness, but we must also accept that we are all imperfect, which is entirely okay. We just need to understand that life is going to pass us by if we don’t smell the roses.

The facts of life when I ask myself what life is about, I think it’s about growth, progress, and connection with other living things. Connecting with people and things is tricky; you feel like you’re being judged or you’re judging the experience, and it requires effort to remain neutral. So, why can’t everything in this life be simple? Life is all about getting out of your comfort zone, living a little, and experiencing the short time you have on this planet before you transcend.

Without connection, growth, and progress, why are we here? I’ll leave that up to you. But my opinion is that these three things combined will hopefully provide us with the life and answers we desire.

Why Are We Here?

The answer, I feel, lies deep within us, as cliché as that sounds. But life questions you could start asking yourself to find that answer (your subconscious self) is what happens when we die? What if I wasn’t born? Where would I be? What’s real, and what qualifies as not real?

These are questions to ask, and hopefully, they can get solved within your lifetime. But these are the philosophical questions that have been with us since our evolution of thinking. I feel like I am here to serve a purpose, either through a life of giving or simply a life of experience.

But some other questions could be, are we here just for procreation? I’m guessing that has a little part. Wouldn’t life be so bland if that was the case, there would be brothels everywhere, or are we here to suffer and to learn? Maybe. You’re probably reading this because you want answers, but explaining why we are here isn’t easy when everyone has their own translation.

If you want answers, I will refer you to some deep meditation. Through meditation, you feel connected to yourself and your breath; you lose your thoughts and become present, and maybe this current state is why we are here. To remove ourselves from our monkey brain, stay grounded, and realize we need each other to make the world prosper and grow.

What happens when we remove ourselves from thought? In my opinion, it could move mountains. Get us to a more neutral brain that eliminates ego that has key links to greed, lust, and pride.

This is just my opinion. But from my perspective, I have much more room to grow and connect, especially with you guys. Meditation is crucial in finding these answers. But another question always arises once you find the answer to what you’ve been looking for. That’s just life giving you a heads-up that there’s much more we need to learn.

Another deep thought…

Do I Need Purpose to be Fulfilled?

Life is a never-ending adventure. There will always be new challenges and obstacles to overcome, but the journey is always worth it. Every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and make new friends and memories. Life is precious and should be lived to the fullest.

Having a purpose is the biggest motivation in life, so to be fulfilled, I can see why having a purpose could help tremendously. Just think about it, we have micro and macro purposes that sometimes fly right over our heads. 

When looking at the micro, these are purposes that are so tiny and ingrained into our habits that you lose track of them.

The micro purposes could be as simple as doing your laundry, doing homework, or going to work, but we take these tiny purposes and blow them off as typical life stuff. But if you dig deeper, there’s always a purpose, even ingrained into our habits.

Now with the macro-purposes. You are familiar with these because they’re so grand, and you feel like they could make your life 100% better. These could include getting a house, retiring, or earning a college degree.

When you take a step back and realize current micro and macro purposes you already have, you realize that you had meaning all along.

What All Major Religions Try and Tell Us

All religions have a bedrock of philosophical frameworks. But most of them have a variety of the same teachings. These include loving yourself, being kind to others, positivism, and the goodness of god (any god). If we could all learn these fundamental principles, I feel like it would give us a host of answers to the facts of life.

I’m not a religious person, but there are some valuable life teachings in some of the top religions that we as a society need to learn. But we ask questions that may have already been answered through prophecy, texts, and/or teachings. We need to get our hands on these!


The facts of life are within our grasp we just need to make a valuable effort to find these facts. It’s hard to give concrete facts because one perspective on the facts of life is just that one perspective. But hopefully, I gave you some tools here to figure out some of these facts for yourself because it’s all about understanding.

To me, life is about growth, progress, and connection! Let me know in the comments what you guys think.

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