China’s Recent Protests

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By Jordan Martinez

Protests are erupting all around China due to strict Covid-19 policies created by the Xi regime. The communist party has a firm grasp on China and it looks like it’s under threat. If Xi responds with a brute force we could so a mini-revolution in China before our eyes.

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Chinese residents are fed up with these lockdowns, terrible policies, and a leader who always steps over his boundaries. These protests are urging for change and they might get it if they show out in numbers. The world is watching and is standing by the demonstrations.

What sent the residents over the edge must have been the two-month Covid clampdown earlier this year. When you think the regime has Covid under control, they send out a terrible policy to suppress their residents from there day to day activities. Stories are coming out of China of how this lockdown has caused irreparable harm to the people of China, driving suicide rates up and causing major depression and severe loneliness.

The ball is now in Xi’s court, and what he does will have profound consequences regardless of any action. If he lifts restrictions, residents could see a rapid surge in deaths. Note: China’s CoronaVac and Sinopharm vaccines, as the data mounts, shows that two doses, a regular dose, and a booster, wane rapidly in immunity against Covid-19. This isn’t a good sign, and I hope the people of China recognize this fact.

Now, if he decided to crack down on the China protests, he could see the pressure mount as global leaders stand by the demonstrations. It is still an unclear decision of Xi, but it is clear that broader resistance of the Communist Party is mounting.

China is also dealing with economic issues due to the lockdowns. Plus, supply chain issues and shortages are hurting the overall global economy. According to recent news, leaders are favoring and looking forward to a China re-open. This will have profound positive effects on the economy, but we must keep sight of why these issues were caused in the first place. An oppressive regime having a firm grasp on the people of China.

The unfortunate side to this news is the people of China are fed up, breaking barriers, and yelling at local officials and police while demanding freedom. There are more people quarantined than at the height of the Omicron epidemic last winter.

The ball is now in Xi’s court, and whatever happens will be a history-making event that will change world economics, freedom, and the country’s future.

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